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See the changes that are included in our 14.3 Update.

When you obtain a NetDocuments account, you will be given what is called a Repository and at least one Cabinet.  The Repository is the place where your Administrator defines and maintains your customer account details, user information, and other configuration information.

The Cabinet is where your documents are stored.  The Cabinet also contains the Cabinet Administration setup configuration page defining what users can access the cabinet and settings to control how the cabinet and documents are managed.

The NetDocuments account is set up by the Administrator by defining a folder or workspace structure for the document organization.  If your cabinet is a Professional cabinet you have the capability to use Workspaces and, if desired, a cabinet folder structure for documents filed outside of the Workspace organization.

Check out the articles below and watch the associated videos to learn more.  The Workspaces vs Cabinet Folders article will help you understand the differences and benefits of using workspaces and cabinet folders or just using cabinet folders and how you should define them.  

Help is organized so that you can refer to the Cabinet Folders section or to the Workspace section depending on which you need help with.  All of the information to use NetDocuments is described under the Workspace or Cabinet Folders section. You can also search for any topic in Help.

NetDocuments can be used with the following browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  For IE browsers, we provide an ActiveX add-on to facilitate integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other features.  If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend that you install the ActiveX add-on for the additional functionality.  Refer to the articles below for more information explaining the differences between the browsers when using the NetDocuments Service.  We also provide an application to use NetDocuments on the iPhone and iPad.  If you have a NetDocuments account, you can download the app from the AppStore.  On the AppStore there are two options – one with Good Technology embedded and our regular app without Good Technology. 

To learn how to use NetDocuments,

  • Watch the provided Videos and review the Training Guides to get you up to speed.
  • Review the Support Resources section to learn  how to obtain more resources to maximize your NetDocuments usage.
  • Refer to the Settings section to define your personal settings
  • If you are an Administrator, review the Administration and Reference section to learn how to set up and manage the NetDocuments account.
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