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Adobe Integration

This Integration allows users to Open, Save, Save As  a new version, and Save As a new document directly from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. This Integration is supported in Acrobat 10 and 11 as well as Reader 10 and 11.  This integration has not been fully tested in all combinations of OS, browser, and Adobe versions. Because of this, we support it as is. If you encounter a bug, please submit a support  request at

Downloading and Installing the Plug-in

Use the link below to download the plug-in installer. Choose to "Run" the installer. Follow the steps outlined below.

Download and Install the Adobe Plugin v. 3.1

1.  You may choose any version of the integration for Adobe Acrobat that you would like to install. If you are only installing it for Reader, click "Next".

2.  The installer will pre-select the installations based on the version of Acrobat or Reader the user has installed.  Versions that are not found will be unselected by default, but the users will still be able to select them.

3.  The installer will determine the location of the installation files based on where the current version of Acrobat or Reader is installed.

4.  The user can override the installation location for any version that they have chosen to install it for.

5.  The user can run the app in unattended (silent) mode, and can select to install any of the versions and override any of the version paths.  

6. It is required that Protected Mode be turned OFF in Reader. By default, it will be turned off automatically during the install. Users will not be able to install the Integration if Protected Mode is turned ON.

NOTE: If you wish to re-enable Protected Mode after the install you can enable this later in Reader by going to "Edit > Preferences>Security (Enhanced)" and check the "Enable Protected Mode at startup" checkbox. Be aware that the Integration in Reader will NOT work if this is enabled. 


Using the NetDocuments Adobe Plug-in


Similar to our Application Integrations with Microsoft Office, you will have options to Open, Save to NetDocuments, Save as a new document, and Save as a new version, as shown below.

As with our Office Integrations, these buttons will take you to a new browser window where you can name the documents and file it in a NetDocuments folder or workspace.

In Acrobat, users will also have the same options under the Tools > NetDocuments menu in the top right-hand side, as shown:


Users will have the same options as they do in Acrobat: 

In Reader, users will also have the same options under the Extended menu in the top right-hand side, as shown:

For Administrators

The command line switch to disable the protected mode is "-DisableProtectedMode"

For the unattended mode, the user must include the /silent option on the command line. 

Also, the user can specify to install a product and also specify the directory to install it to.  If they specify the directory to install a product to, it is assumed that they don't need to specify the product. 

For example, if they want the Acrobat10 add-in installed to the default path, they would use the -InstallAcrobat10
    .\NetDocumentsAdobePluginSetup.exe -InstallAcrobat10 /silent

If they wanted Acrobat10 installed to a specified location, they could use
    .\NetDocumentsAdobePluginSetup.exe -InstallAcrobat10Path "c:\apps\acro 10\plug_ins" /silent

The command line options are:

-InstallAcrobat10Path <path>
-InstallAcrobat11Path <path>
-installReader10Path <path>
-installReader11Path <path>